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To Breathe Easier Apply ProAir Inhaler

ProAir inhaler contains albuterol that is used in many asthma medications. Inhaler cures the symptoms of asthma in children and adults. Assigned by a physician ProAir is one of inhaler drugs. ProAir inhaler is required for proper operation and maintenance therapy of asthma. Most inhaled medications when needed and understand how it works, in order to avoid difficulties.

The content of ProAir inhaler

ProAir inhalers contain a drug used to cure the symptoms of asthma. It defines asthma, such as inflammation and constriction. This is a serious difficulty in breathing can cause symptoms ranging from minor wheezing. According to, ProAir inhaler allows air to move more easily in light work by relaxing the smooth muscle in the airways. ProAir inhaler is an efficient drug in the therapy of asthma, but need to know the ingredients and their consequences.

Albuterol as the active ingredient of ProAir

Albuterol is the active substance of ProAir. This substance occurs during an asthma attack works by blocking the receptors that are responsible for severe bronchial muscles. The difference is that the positive effect of this article says that in five minutes. In addition, for 15 minutes before a workout, to prevent asthma attacks in most patients.

Inactive Ingredients

Active ingredients and excipients, to help with the ease of use and protection of the active ingredient is used as a medicine. They do not have a direct effect on symptoms. Inhaled salbutamol on fillers is trichloromonofluoromethane, dichlorodifluoromethane and oleic acid. ProAir inhaler inhalers warn your therapist before use if you are allergic to any of these substances.

Instructions on using ProAir inhaler

This ProAir has used it for the first time or the last use of the inhaler more than two weeks ago. The step-by-step instruction on how to apply this drug:

  1. Remove the cap and shake the inhaler several times. Point the nozzle away from you and press list, and then release. Button two more times to complete the laying box.
  2. Exhale through your mouth. Make as much air as possible from the lungs. Close your lips around the mouthpiece. Click on the box with your finger until it stops.
  3. Remove the inhaler from your mouth. Close your mouth and hold your breath for 10 seconds. Repeat this process as many times as the recipe indicated. Push the cover on the mouthpiece.
  4. Pull the drive out of the box to remove it from the case. Remove the cap from the mouthpiece. Place under hot tap water drive. Week or once every time the drive Repeat this process seems to be clogged.

Drug Interactions and side effects of ProAir Inhaler

Drug interactions between ProAir inhaler and take other medicines or other drugs that alter the activity of ProAir inhaler. In addition, there is the increasing the risk of adverse reactions, drug interactions. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), tricyclic antidepressants, beta-blockers, diuretics and digoxin are to interact with ProAir inhaler.

ProAir inhaler is a RX for asthma and other breathing difficulties inhalation solution. ProAir inhaler belongs to a class of drugs called corticosteroids or steroids are sometimes called. Adrenal gland hormone normally produced as a corticosteroid type. This hormone in the body is closely salt, water and cortisol metabolism functions as related control. Any condition that affects or corticosteroids with cortisol, a therapist ProAir inhaler corticosteroids may be assigned.

Consequences of using ProAir inhaler

Corticosteroids, such as ProAir inhaler jobs, preventing inflammation in the body develops. Such as pollen or other allergens causes an attempt to keep the respiratory tract caused by sinus pressure, swelling of the nasal experience. Corticosteroids prevent the body’s response to inflammation. This also applies to the respiratory tract and joint conditions.

Differences of ProAir inhaler from other asthma medications

Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids are often simply “steroids” is titled as a result they are very different and it is important to note that different hazards. Corticosteroids are more than you were before the user does not cause muscles to develop. In fact, ProAir inhaler sulfate, one of the adverse reactions of muscle weakness.

It is always important to follow the instructions for any medication the therapist. ProAir inhaler, all with corticosteroids, possible adverse reactions and risks, is a powerful drug. If you have any questions about any medications, a pharmacist or a therapist, it is best to discuss them with.

The bottom line on ProAir inhaler

ProAir is an inhaled drug is a brand title called. This is due to asthma or other obstructive respiratory diseases may be assigned for people suffering from bronchospasm. At the same time may be assigned for those who suffer from post-exercise bronchospasm. ProAir HFA include patients between the ages of 4 and above.

ProAir HFA contains adrenergic bronchodilators that can produce some initial mild adverse reactions. This insomnia, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), irritability, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth or throat, chest, vomiting, sore throat or mouth irritation, pain or discomfort, muscle or muscle cramps, dizziness, convulsions, cardiac rhythm, including weakness. These or physical adverse reactions can be alarming, but while they persist or worsen, as a rule, do not require medical attention.

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